What am I doing Now?

Last update December 2023 🎄

This is a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. You should create one too!


Currently I am working as Senior Web editor in Henkel. I have been working there for 18 months now. I am also working on web development focused projects, which are outside of the scope of my occupation, but are helpful in the long run.


We have just launched new version web application called Check My Ticket that was developed for our clients to create tickets for our team. It is a full stack web application created with Vue 💟 that communicates via Azure LogicApps API layer directly to our Azure DevOps board. I have migrated the applications from options API to Componsition API. I have implemented Pinia as state management, Vue Router and migrated users from firebase to Supabase.


I am finishing my second to last semester at university. So I thorouly working on my thesis, which is kind of related to my working experience. It is about Software support in software development.

Additional Education

Apart from university I am learning on CodeCademy. Right now, I am working towards finishing Full Stack Engeneer Course.

What am I reading?

I like to ready non-fiction literature. Currently I am reading Deep Work by Cal Newport.